Zero Emissions - 100% Electric

Yutong has been the world’s largest electric bus manufacturer since 1999. As of 2019, Yutong has produced over 120,000 electric buses world wide. A premium quality product with a proven track record, and is backed by a nationwide dealer network.

What does 'Zero Emissions' mean?

Our zero emission buses use electricity to power the battery. This means no internal combustion engine, no oil changes and no exhaust fumes.

The E Series

The E Series Permanent Magnet Motors are rated at 215 KW power and 2400.m torque. Our smart control system provides multiple driving models for various travel requirements. The E12 provides lower energy consumption with advanced technologies including regenerative braking, which extends the vehicles driving range. 

Among the features are a lightweight aluminum alloy battery, integrated controller and motor drive system controller. The E series has been built for fast charging, housing the European standard (IEC61851) 120w DC charging outlet, which allows the battery to charge within 3hours from minimum battery power status.


100% Full Electric Urban Bus

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