T12 series

Premium Coach

Welcome to a new level of comfort and freedom – a premium vehicle that looks as good on the outside as it does in. Here, passengers receive more spacious luggage compartments, reduced noise ride comfort and high-end audio / visuals, while the driver enjoys greater manoeuvrability and performance. The T12 also features customisable seating options to suit your needs.

  • Mercedes Benz engine with 11.97L displacement and up to 1850N/m torque
  • Optimised ZF automatic transmission and rear axle ratio
  • 11m3 capacity luggage compartments
  • Exceptional ride comfort with reduced noise
  • Easy repair/maintenance with accessible consumables/wearing components
  • Bosch A/V system with DVD/CD and 19’ foldable front & centre LCD screens
  • Seats 53–5